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Hemp Fiber Separation

Hemp fiber has may applications, including industrial uses. Until now, many hemp processors have avoided the hemp fiber market due to the high cost of hemp decortication equipment. Hemp decortication is the process of separating the hemp plant into bast fiber and hurd fiber. Bio Fiber Industries have developed proprietary technology to separate hemp fiber at a MUCH lower cost than traditional hemp decortication equipment. The Hemp Fiber Classifier yields exceptionally pure bast fiber and hurd fiber.

Hemp Fiber Classifier

The Hemp Fiber Classifier is superior to other methods of hemp decortication and hemp fiber separation. The capital costs associated with hemp decortication equipment are prohibitively high and result in a facility that cannot price its fiber competitively. Alternatively, some processors choose to separate by hand to reach the same purity standards as the Hemp Fiber Classifier. However, separation by hand requires substantial labor costs, creates organizational difficulties, and is not scalable. The Hemp Fiber Classifier solves the problems of cost and scalability.
With the Hemp Fiber Classifier, hemp processors can separate fiber at rates from 1,000 lbs/hour up to 20,000 lbs/hour. Additionally, capital costs associated with this separation process are a fraction of the cost of current hemp decortication equipment. 
In conjunction with the Hemp Fiber Classifier for fiber separation, Bio Fiber Industries offers a seed separation system. The seed separation system can be used to separate the seed from the rest of the biomass. This system is used when farmers want to silage chop the entire plant instead of combining seeds prior to chopping the biomass.  

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